EQIS Fractional Shares

EQIS Fractional Shares

Fractional share technology is an equalizer. The size of an investor’s portfolio no longer determines the caliber and quality of management it receives.

The Power of Fractional Shares

Fractional share technology allows us to bring money managers and their collective expertise and disciplines to all investors.* For example, the EQIS Models have a dedicated weighting and multi-manager strategy for the traditional equity styles, as well as for international, tactical, hedge, fixed income, and alternatives.

  • Investors own securities in dollar amounts rather than share amounts
  • Investors own individual securities in the percentages and ratios recommended for seeking optimal portfolio performance
  • We unlock access to a variety of vetted, institutional sub-advisers
  • We enable investors to bypass high investment minimums*

To construct the EQIS Models according to each sub-adviser’s specifications and weightings while adhering to their individual minimums, an investor would need million of dollars.

But with the power of fractional shares, our models enable the implementation of these allocations and recommendations for the average investor.**

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* $25,000 account minimum
** Fractional shares are not available at every custodian