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Let EQIS Build Your Portfolios

EQIS professionals are seasoned and experienced investment experts, and our EQIS Portfolios cover the spectrum of asset classes to offer broad market exposure as well as more narrowly focused portfolios covering more specialized asset classes or tactical strategies.

We use a proven, step-by-step process to build portfolios that are right for your clients:
Macro Economics & Capital Market Assumptions

Research on economic and market conditions

Evaluation of stocks relative to bonds and alternatives

Assessment of 22 sub-asset classes

Set Allocation Targets

Resulting asset class weights

Adjusted cap and style targets

Adjusted domestic international exposure

Due Diligence and Selection

Exacting vetting process on money managers

Deliberate selection of complementary, low correlation strategies

Manager diversification & blended portfolios may reduce risk without sacrificing returns

EQIS Portfolio Construction

Adjust target weights to accommodate manager selection

Verify and test allocations

Evaluate risk exposure

Choose from 55 EQIS UMA Models…

Many outsource managers have an average of five models, but at EQIS we provide you with 55 models to choose from, giving you total optionality to best align with all investor types:

Models that Span the Risk Spectrum

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