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Delivering digital growth strategies and solutions for the financial services industry

Asset managers, wealth managers, private real estate, private equity and credit, RIAs, broker-dealers, hedge funds, and fintech firms leverage our expertise to raise capital with Digital Distribution™

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Who we serve in financial services

Asset Managers

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Real Estate Sponsors

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Alternative Investments

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Mutual Funds

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Wealth Managers

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Financial Data & Technology

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Drive your AUM higher with digital transformation

Your job is to raise capital. Our job is to make it easier. We help our clients drive AUM and revenues higher with Digital Distribution™. Our team combines decades of hands-on financial services experience with industry-leading digital expertise. Explore our suite of capabilities and solutions for the right mix to grow your AUM.

Asset Manager’s Guide to Growing Assets with Digital Advertising

Learn how to enhance your distribution efforts with this guide for Asset Managers

Our process

From qualification to implementation, we have refined our process to ensure GK3 Capital is the right partner for you.


FEATURED RESOURCE: How to Grow Your AUM with the Power of Digital Distribution™

The digital roadmap to growing your client base and assets under management

How can you succeed at fundraising in a digital world? How can asset managers and wealth managers grow their businesses as investors move online? How can you serve investors best where you’re likely to meet them first—on the web.

In our 5-part educational video series, you will learn the key elements of successful asset gathering in the digital era.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear what our clients have to say

“The new digital platform GK3 created for our sales team exceeded our expectations… [it] will reach more than 50,000 financial professionals by the end of the year.”

Executive Vice President

“GK3 does so many things for our company – we have a compelling story to tell & it is GK3 that has packaged up that story & gotten it out to our target market, driving inbound interest beyond what our company has ever experienced.”

Chief Executive

“GK3 Capital is a highly recommended partner for any asset management firm looking to grow utilizing a digital distribution strategy. The combination of their inside-out knowledge of asset managers, investments, distribution, and digital marketing uniquely positions GK3 to help their clients efficiently & effectively raise capital.”

Executive Vice President

“GK3 upgraded our digital footprint and revolutionized our brand. They captured our message and voice perfectly — we now have a digital presence that captures our philosophy to our target audience.”

CFS, Senior Partner

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