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TAMP Partner Selection Checklist

When it comes to finding a truly independent, modern, and flexible investment management platform, there are a number of factors that determine the right choice for your practice. To help you get started, we’ve put together a checklist that outlines … Read More

Are Long Wait Times Impacting Your Advisory Practice?

Having to wait on hold for extended periods of time when working with a service provider, such as a turnkey asset management platform and custodian, can have a far-reaching negative impact on your practice. These lingering delays can affect your … Read More

Flipping Out Over the Big Flip

In the span of less than two months, the conventional consensus for a Hard Landing in 2023 has yielded to the new narrative of No Landing or the Big Flip. Benjamin M. Lavine, CFA, CAIA, RICP Chief Investment Officer, 3D … Read More

5 Steps to Restructuring Fixed Income Portfolio Duration

Restructuring a fixed income portfolio’s duration can be an effective strategy for managing interest rate risk and improving overall portfolio performance. Here are some key steps to consider when considering a fixed income portfolio’s duration. Step 1: Understanding Duration and … Read More

What Exactly is Turnkey and How Do You Select the Right Partner?

When considering partnering with a TAMP for your practice or replacing your current outdated or unresponsive TAMP, you will find options from which to choose that are very different from each other. Merriam-Webster defines turnkey as complete and ready to … Read More

What if You Could Outsource to 100 CIOs?

According to “Pensions & Investments,” demand for outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) services by institutional investors has surged by 86% since 2017. Why? Because investing has become much more complicated and, coupled with the increased volatility of the markets, doing … Read More

Being Independent Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do it All Yourself

At Freedom Advisors, we aim to provide advisors with comprehensive solutions & support, enabling them to deliver stronger investor outcomes while efficiently growing their practices. With Freedom Advisors, you’re in control Easily construct, implement & manage investment portfolios Select from … Read More

Your Practice is Growing, and You Need Help. Should You Hire Staff or Outsource?

Every independent advisor confronts the need to add additional staff at some point in their career. The demands to effectively serve and advise a growing clientele and meet increasing regulatory requirements warrant offloading many tasks advisors handle themselves. Hiring a … Read More

What Platform is the Right Fit for Me?

A number of powerful undeniable factors continue to drive financial advisor demand for a truly independent, modern and flexible investment management platform. Most prevalent among these factors is advisor need to escape stifling bureaucracy. “The platform that makes it easy … Read More

Fractional Share Multi-Manager UMA Models: Using Fractional Shares to Build Client Portfolios

In an earlier post, we discussed the growing interest in fractional shares, especially among investors interested in diversified portfolios with a large number of stocks they might not be able to afford if they had to buy whole shares. This … Read More