Are You Taking Steps to Protect Your Large Cap Wins?

Here are three of the large cap growth strategies available on the Freedom Advisors platform in which advisors are investing now.

Advisors Increasingly Employing a Core and Explore Approach

Many advisors are anchoring client portfolios in a core model holding they will never have to defend, and that is a broad-based equity market model that is low fee.

Soft Landing in Sight: 3D August 2023 Market Commentary Summary

Economic consensus has (grudgingly) accepted soft landing as the base case outcome and that the Fed has achieved its policy goals with no need for further rate hikes.

Small Cap Strategies to Consider

Small Cap strategies have seen some meaningful moves this year and several small-cap managers in the core, growth and value segments are available on the Freedom Advisors platform.

Freedom Advisors Adds 84 Model Portfolios

In response to advisor interest, we are adding 84 model portfolios across all asset classes, sizes, styles, geographies, and structures from 8 popular asset managers.

Three Growth Strategies to Consider

Growth has been on a run for some time and made strong returns for the year. Here are several growth-focused strategies to consider.

Compelling Strategies for Latin America

The EQIS investment team recommends that advisors consider the emerging market of Latin America with these three strategies.

Technology Strategies to Consider

For investors looking to capitalize on the ever-expanding technological landscape, these three models have proven to be compelling choices

What If Nothing Breaks?

Does the Fed have enough fiscal gas left in the tank to let nature take its course, bringing down inflation without crashing the economy by curtailing excess demand through higher unemployment?

EQIS Quarterly Commentary Q2 2023 Summary

The second half of the year poses many of the same challenges to start 2023. Inflation remains sticky, and the Fed is still in a rate-hiking cycle. While there are expectations for a recession, the risks and subsequent rate-cutting cycle … Read More