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Do Business the Way You’ve Always Wanted

You want control over your business to do what’s best for your clients. Having your own turnkey asset management platform through Freedom Advisors provides access to premier investment partners, options to select your custodians, and service and marketing teams at your fingertips. The freedom to do business your way is within reach.

  • Your own brand
  • Everything in one place
  • Easy to do business
  • Expert operations staff
  • Wide selection of investments
  • Household view
  • Modern, secure technology
  • Competitive and flexible fees

Everything White-Labeled With Your Brand

Putting you front and center in the client relationship. We operate in the background. The platform has your logo. Our marketing materials are yours: with your logo, your branding, and your contact information. You select which pieces to use and how you want to use them, showcasing your practice in the best possible light.

Whitelabel Your Dashboard

Curated Model Marketplace

Select from 600 pre-built models from 100 model providers.

Custodian Choice

Select from fractional share and whole share custodians.

Goldman Sachs
Charles Schwab
Download Fractional Shares Guide

Democratizing Wealth Management

The value of fractional share investing

Discover how to access for your clients a world of premier investment managers historically out of reach for all but high net worth investors.

Group Retirement Plan Services

If you’ve ever thought about offering your business owner and executive clients group retirement plan services, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Through our Group Retirement Plan Services, Freedom Advisors gives you the resources, tools and support in partnership with some of the most recognized plan service providers.

Your Team

It is not enough that it is easy to process business self-service on the platform. Our large, experienced service team is your team, eliminating the need for operations staffing.

Discover the Speed and Simplicity of the Freedom Advisors Platform

Are you mired in the labor-intensive, time-consuming processes of:

  • Opening accounts & completing transfers
  • Finding forms & collecting signatures
  • Following up to ensure others do their work
  • Constructing portfolios

In Freedom Advisors’ 30-Second Video Series you’ll discover how simple it is to accomplish many of your most frequent tasks with remarkable ease and speed.


Freedom Advisors offers a curated model marketplace in its turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) to hundreds of RIAs and independent advisors.







What True Independence Feels Like

With Freedom Advisors, you’re in control. Get started today.