Seeking Diversification and Growth? Explore Zacks Core ETF Models!

For investors seeking a diversified, cost-effective, and long-term growth strategy, the Zacks Core ETF models offer a compelling option

Vanguard CRSP ETF Models

Investors can benefit from a disciplined, low-cost approach to achieve broad market exposure and long-term financial goals

Wilshire Innovative Low-Cost ETF Models

A spectrum of choices for investors seeking exposure to global markets through a well-constructed, diversified ETF portfolio

Consumer Sentiment Disconnect From State of the Economy Presents Opportunity

Utilizing dynamic investment models can provide a strategic advantage by allowing flexibility and optimization in asset allocation

Financial Trust Flexible Income Model

A robust choice for investors seeking diversified income and capital preservation

Investors at Risk of Earning Lower Rates on Cash

Investors continue to pour assets into money market funds and other cash instruments. Based on your client’s investment objective and time horizon, fixed income strategies…

Disciplined Investing to Combat Behavioral Bias

The importance of diversified strategic investment portfolio investing to help navigate a sea of biases and behavioral traits that can derail long-term goals.

Muni Rich, (After-Tax) Yield Poor

May 2024 Investment Commentary: The Freedom Advisors investment team had an opportunity to meet with JPMorgan Asset Management for an in-depth discussion on the current fixed income landscape. Here are our key takeaways and opportunities in the municipal bond market.

Investment Due Diligence: DIY or Outsource to Experts?

As an independent financial advisor, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders to ensure that your clients’ interests are protected and their financial futures secure

Leveraging Blended Benchmarks for a More Relevant Performance Evaluation

Advisors continue to combat the media-driven focus on the S&P 500 Index, which is rarely representative of an investment portfolio